Residential Steel Framing
Complex Swimming Pool
Timber Roof Truss

We can assist you with every Engineering aspect of your residential project.  Adding value to your home while maintaining structural integrity and economy is just part of our service.

Westlake Punnett & Associates Pty Ltd has helped thousands of home builders realise their dream with economical, sound and practical designs.  We provide finely tuned designs for project builders as well as detailed designs to enable the functionality and faciliation of architectural and aesthetic desires of both the designer and client.

We can assist you by providing designs for the following aspects of your project:

  • Foundation design including; footings, raft slabs, waffle pod slabs and more innovative suspended slab solutions. Where necessary we will utilise a variety of piering systems including steel screw in piles where suitable. Polished concrete and other floor finishes and in-floor heating systems can be accommodated.
  • Retaining wall designs in a variety of forms including; timber, reinforced blockwork, gabion and mass-block walls as well as precast concrete planks and more.
  • Steel and timber beams to achieve open plan living areas and add value to your home.
  • Steel bracing and wall framing systems so you can achieve large openings and large glazing areas in your design.
  • Aesthetically pleasing timber feature trusses.
  • Steel floor systems to suit sloping sites and raised homes.
  • The design of concrete swimming pools both in- and above-ground.
  • Preparation of flood reports and the design of your home to resist flood loads. This is an increasingly important field with rising sea levels increasing flood levels.
  • Analysis of flood hazard categories and flood risk precincts where required in the Wollongong LGA.
  • Performance solutions for materials outside the scope of the BCA including the design of Straw Bale, Mud Brick and Rammed Earth homes.
  • Preparation of reports on damaged buildings. To maintain the value of your home we can prepare reports which identify the cause of any damage and provide recommendations on how to control and repair it.
  • Stormwater management plans for obtaining development approval from council or construction certificate. Often this requires the design of infiltration or on-site detention systems.
  • Hydraulic and fire services design for medium density residential projects.

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