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Michel Hanna Enterprises Pty Ltd



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Commercial, Residential

Four Storey Residential and Commercial Development

This low-rise development is situated in the heart of Huskisson on Currambene Street and will provide almost 200m2 of premium retail space, 10 architectural residential units and ground floor parking with commercial loading bay. Westlake Punnett & Associates Pty Ltd has been contracted by Michael Hanna Enterprises Pty Ltd to undertake both the Structural and Civil analysis and design of the building.

Access to the site is very limited and there is inadequate room for construction methods such as conventional tilt-up construction. After in depth discussions and meetings with the developer, architect and construction consultants, a design utilising precast exterior panels, Logic Walls and Bondek slabs was adopted. This removes the need for laborious on-site formwork and improves the time-efficiency of the project. The prefinished ‘Logic Wall’ permanent formwork system was utilised for all internal walls, reducing construction time further.

A standard off-form slab and beam design was required for the first floor transfer slab in order to achieve large unimpeded spaces for the retail level with a removable partition wall and an open carpark area with adequate room for vehicle manoeuvrability. To achieve the large spans required in the transfer slab, the use of band beams was implemented to reduce any unsightly sagging or deflections in the slab soffit.

The structure was accurately modelled using several methods of analysis including SpaceGass, Structural Toolkit, Inducta Slabs and proprietary Bondek Slab software along with manual calculations and in-house Westlake Punnett & Associates Pty Ltd software.

The final design resulted in a strong and time-efficient reinforced concrete structure with uncompromised roof heights and floor areas due to the presence of structural elements. Thus, the aesthetic appeal and saleable floor areas desired by the client were achieved.

Construction on this project is well underway with Westlake Punnett and Associates contracted to undertaken structural inspections.

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